Success rate in the treatment of breast cancer gradually increases and this brings along a search for increased quality of life beyond a mere survival.

Breast is the symbol of femininity and motherhood, and its loss may lead to psychological problems. Therefore, as the level of education increases and the patients become more aware, demand for breast reconstruction also increases naturally.

Breast reconstruction (breast repair) can be performed during the same operation as cancer surgery or after cancer treatment is over. During reconstruction, silicone implants (prostheses filled with saline solution or silicone used in breast augmentation operations) can be used after expansion with balloon in advance or without expansion at all.

Another method is breast repair by transplanting patient’s own tissue from another body part. This method offers a couple of options: Skin and the subcutaneous fat tissue can be transplanted from the abdomen, back or hips. It is also possible to use the excessive abdominal skin and the subcutaneous fat tissues resected in a tummy tuck operation for constructing a new breast. This allows for achieving a natural breast structure with the desired size in addition to the previously performed tummy tuck procedure. The nipple is reconstructed with a small operation about six months after this procedure and, if necessary, breast lift operation is applied to the other breast. 

Breast reconstruction is a method that makes patients feel more complete and in peace with their bodies.

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