Breast Suspension Method

Prof. Erdem Tezel developed a brand-new method in breast augmentation and breast lift operations. The method called ‘Breast Suspension Using Own Breast Tissue’ (Lateral pillar suspension in vertical-scar mammaplasty) leaves aside foreign matters and uses the patient’s own tissue to suspend the breast. It is a new technique that solves the problems of reduced firmness and sagging of the breast tissue with the least surgical scars and more permanently.

Developed by Prof. Tezel and already made its way into the world literature, the technique sees the breast tissue pushed inside and upwards in the area extending towards the armpit, thus folding and compressing the breast on its own tissue and getting it lifted. The breast attains a firm and full appearance like a silicon implant is inserted, and the scar on the breast is much less visible compared to those left by the other currently available methods.

This method is considered as the most effective solution for women the breasts of whom extend towards the armpit in lying position and/or are widely spaced.

This method can also be used in breast reduction operations and is very favorable in terms of eliminating the lack of firmness caused by sagging in time and following breastfeeding. Operated patients can go back to normal daily life within 3 to 4 days and completely get rid of their sutures in 2 weeks.

The main advantage in this method is that the breast’s own tissue is used for breast lift and creates a natural bra-like effect inside. Since the procedure reduces the base area of the breast, it is very effective in breasts with a large base area.

This operation enables the breast to have a firm and full tissue structure like it has been inserted an implant and look like it is supported by a bra.

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