Although they individually look beautiful and lifted, the harmony between the two breasts is an indispensable requirement for an aesthetically appealing appearance. A lack of harmony between breasts and any difference in size and shape coupled with the resulting asymmetry will not only pose a soreness in terms of visual pleasure but also create problems in the use of bras and bikinis.

Almost all women have some minimal difference between their two breasts but the real problem arises in cases when such difference cannot be camouflaged in daily life.

The difference in volume between the breasts needs to be determined before the operation. If both breasts are small, this is taken into consideration during the breast augmentation operation and one breast will be inserted either a smaller or a larger silicone implant (prosthesis). If both are large, the tissues constituting the difference are resected during the breast reduction operation.

Sometimes things are not that easy and it becomes a serious challenge to decide between two beautiful breasts. If both are beautiful but asymmetrical, the larger one should be maintained and the smaller one should be augmented as a more appropriate solution. The reason is that the augmentation operation can be performed with less scar and more easily. It is also possible to restore this procedure. Furthermore, the risk of damaging breast function is very little.

It is possible to restore an augmented breast but this is not very easy for a reduced breast. The difference between the diameters of areolas can be eliminated through a hidden incision at the point where areola meets the normal skin. The difference between the angles of two nipples can be corrected with this hidden incision.

Developmental period must be over before performing such operations since it is possible to have temporary asymmetries until the age of 18.

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