Neck Lift

A beautiful neck is a must but the eyes and the area surrounding them as well as cheeks are the first to catch attention in face-to-face communication. A lifted neck is not enough in itself for a young look. It should be handled together with the face as a whole.

boyun-estetigiNeck is the foundation on which a young and beautiful face sits and should have a manifest angle with the face along the mandibular margin. This transition is sharper in men.

Various methods are used to achieve this result:

First of all, it is necessary to speak of the positive impact of Endoscopic Facial Rejuvenation on the neck. This method helps highlight the mandibular contour. Liposuction also contributes to creating this contour. Liposuction can be employed to remove double chins specifically in fatty necks but it is also possible to directly remove fat tissues through a short incision hidden by the submandibular line and the suturing together and stretching of platysma muscles. This allows for the elimination of the neck bands under the chin emerging as age advances.

If the sagging in the neck is too much, the ‘Neck Lift’ procedure is done through a periauricular incision.

Furthermore, a jaw prosthesis or the augmentation of the gonion through fat injection also helps to achieve a good angle in the neck. The augmentation of the gonion coupled with liposuction sometimes suffices. All operations are done under local anaesthesia.

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