Endoscopic Facial Contouring and Rejuvenation

Brought to Turkey from the USA, the place of invention of Endoscopic Facial Contouring, and developed and applied by Prof. Erdem Tezel using a pen-sized camera, this method arouses interest not only among patients who are over a certain age and need rejuvenation but also among young people who complain about having grim, droopy and unhappy looks and want to look nicer.

Beauty is definitely a relative notion but who does not want to have a younger, more dynamic face, a more natural skin and stunning eyes? Especially when it is possible to go back to those good old days of youth or have a happier and fresher face in one single day thanks to a tiny camera?

Most men and women face problems such as droopy cheeks due to gravity, and under-eye grooves, troughs and bags as well as a deepening of the groove extending from nasal wings down to the sides of lips. Endoscopic Facial Contouring gives the face its oval shape back. In addition to being one of the most preferred methods for facial rejuvenation, it is a method on demand among young people who want to have positive and more attractive looks. This operation can be applied to people of all ages from twenties to seventies.

Conventional face lift operations just remove wrinkles but this does not mean the patient will look more ‘beautiful’ after the operation. Following facial aesthetic operations, many people complain about losing their facial expressions. Focusing on the principle of retaining natural looks in any operation he performs, Prof. Erdem Tezel thus prefers Endoscopic Facial Contouring.


Until now, a face lift operation was a procedure based on making the sagging facial skin look more stretched. Endoscopic Facial Contouring, on the other hand, not only ensures a stretched skin but also allows for giving the face a more dynamic and natural expression. The new method allows the surgeon to pull the anatomic structures of the face to where they should be and there is no scar left during this pulling. There is no loss of facial expressions in this method since the face is given a full rounded and well-shaped expression, and the connection of mimic muscles of the face with the skin is not broken. During the operation, cheeks, suborbital area and eyebrows shift both laterally and upwards and the face is handled as a whole. Most women think their face looks more beautiful when they wear their hair in a tight bun. In Endoscopic Facial Contouring, you will get this appearance and even a better version of it. In this method, a 1.5-cm incision is made among the hair, and cameras thinner than pens are placed into the incision, followed by a strong pull upwards and slightly to the sides, and the fixation of tissues with absorbable sutures. Hair is not cut during the operation. The scar is hidden among the hair following recovery, leaving no visible scar. This method is thus called Septocolumellar Suture in Closed Rhinoplasty by Prof. Tezel.

This operation is not a face lift operation and patients do not lose their facial expressions since the anatomic integrity of the skin as well as of the subcutaneous fat and muscle tissues are not disrupted during the intervention. The face loses nothing from its natural looks. In other words, the face is shaped three-dimensionally. That is why it is also called Three-Dimensional Facial Contouring.

People with aged, unhappy, negative or tired expressions on their faces due to congenital droopy eyes and eyebrows despite being young prefer to undergo endoscopic facial contouring procedure in order to have happy and dynamic facial features and enjoy the positive effects of such features in business life and private life. It is possible to use this method for Midface Aesthetic Surgery as well as Brow Lift. The method also partially helps with Neck Lift.

If an excessive laxity coupled with wrinkles is the case on the facial skin, a preauricular incision can be employed to remove the excess skin in addition to this method but, unlike conventional face lift, what actually shapes and bears the load of the face is the endoscopic sutures. Since it is not the skin but the deeper tissues that carry the load, there is less scar and the face is given an oval shape, avoiding a stretched, flat expression.

Patients undergoing Endoscopic Facial Contouring procedure soon get rid of the swelling and bruises and return to work two weeks later.

Please consult with your physician to get more information and see pre-op and post-op demo videos.


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