Thigh Lift

Beautiful legs are one of the elements reflecting bodily beauty. Must an individual be tall to have beautiful legs? Of course not.

The importance of long and nice legs can never be ignored while evaluating bodily beauty. The most important point during evaluation is the proportion of the leg length to the chest length rather than just the length of leg in centimeters.


Even the legs of very tall people may look short due to a chest/leg disproportion. Wide hips, fat accumulation on the sides of the thigh, excessive fat in inner thigh and a low gluteal fold (fold of the buttock) are all factors making legs look shorter most of the time. Legs can look more beautiful after surgical intervention.

In thigh lift procedures, as long as there is not a condition that would cause a functional issue such as a difference in length between the two legs, we can say a surgical intervention on bones is never considered. Excessive fat tissue buildup inside the knees may cause the leg to look bowed or the fat tissue accumulating above the knee may disrupt the aesthetic looks. A balanced Liposuction procedure in such areas can make the leg look longer.

Most of the time, too much fat suction from the area close to the groin inside the thighs should specifically be avoided. This is an area where the leg skin is thinnest and the skin’s elasticity is the lowest. It is important to suction fat at an amount that will not cause sagging.

The thickness of ankles can also be reduced with the same method if such thickness is caused by fat tissue. Wearing a corset uninterruptedly for the first three weeks after the operation and intermittently for the next three weeks is important for compressing and tightening tissues.

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