Liposuction is not a weight reduction operation but rather a contouring operation. It aims to shape the parts of the body with deformities due to excess structures. Cannulae thinner than a pen are used in this operation to suction excessive fat by vacuum.

Liposuction is performed to suction excess fat that does not go off due to structural reasons even if we lose weight and shape the target area. It poses no harm when it is performed by specialized physicians solely to fulfill this purpose.

However, it is harmful to suction fat more than required just to ensure the patient loses more weight. This excessive suction of fat poses huge risks for the patient’s health. Furthermore, some deformities may occur after the operation. The skin has a certain shrinking capacity and when this capacity is exceeded, sagging and hollows inevitably form on the skin.

Liposuction can be performed on any healthy individual and on individuals with systemic diseases on the condition that certain medical checks are carried out. Even there are studies showing the positive impact of the reduction of excessive fat buildup in the abdomen (a condition called central obesity) on decreasing the risk of cardiac diseases.

Today, many Liposuction operations can be performed with laser, ultrasound and vibration methods. However, the method producing the most reliable, healthiest and best results is the one performed with syringes without using any machines. In this method, the surgeon has the opportunity to instantly see and control the amount and quality of fat suctioned from each area, and thus suction equal amount of fat from all areas. This method, on the other hand, is naturally much more tiring for the surgeon than other methods.

Employing the “Wet Method” in Liposuction also prevents the emergence of negative results. In this wet method, some fluid equal to the fat to be suctioned in amount is injected into the body. In this injectable fluid is substances liquefying fat and preventing bleeding. The patient is also given some intravenous fluid reducing the risk of embolism.

The technique employed in Liposuction is extremely important. The operation should be performed under appropriate conditions and the patient should be given intravenous fluids during and after the operation. Moreover, the use of the above mentioned wet technique reduces complications, and ensures more successful results. At this point, I think the difference between vacuuming with a syringe instead of an aspirator is like the difference between machine-made embroidery and hand embroidery.

This operation can be performed under general or local anaesthesia. The patient may be discharged from hospital 1 or 2 hours after the operation depending on the amount of fat to be suctioned and the patient conditions or may stay in hospital overnight.

The patient should consume a great deal of liquids and regularly wear the compression garment the physician recommends.

If liposuction is performed correctly, form will not be sacrificed even if the patient puts on weight. This means weight gain will be distributed equally. For instance, if liposuction is performed around hips, the former protrusion around hips will not come back even if the patient puts on weight. Yet this does not mean the patient will never put on weight.


The use of syringes in Liposuction instead of machines solves most of the problems.

Hollows and wavy structures occur in time on the skin of patients who underwent Liposuction. This problem is listed as on of the top complaints regarding the operation. They are caused by the use of vacuum machines called aspirators during the procedure. The skin has a certain shrinking capacity and uncontrolled procedures involving vacuum may result in unwanted outcomes.

However, it is possible to prevent all these wavy structures, hollows and irregular contours using one single instrument: the syringe. In the syringe-assisted procedure, fat can be suctioned in a much more controlled fashion. Although this is a very tiring procedure for the physician, it is possible to process the body like embroidery, allowing the patient to get what she wants as a result of the operation. Considering the fact that Liposuction is not a weight reduction operation but rather a contouring operation, the use of syringes is proven to be the right choice.

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