Some Look Good on Television While Others Look Perfect

January 8, 2017 - 4 minutes read

The advertisement and production industry has reached a size represented in billions of dollars, evolving into a second job or hobby for people from various professions and into a passion and reason to survive for many others. Hundreds of actors, actresses, presenters and announcers apply to casting agencies every day. However, most of the time, it is not enough for these new faces to be young, beautiful/handsome, talented, and well-educated. This is because the TV screen does not forgive even the smallest of defects.

Many stars are ready to spend some part of their fortune to look beautiful on the TV screen. On the other hand, sometimes encouraged by their producers and directors, newcomers in the sector seek ways of looking better on the screen through small interventions.

It is indeed possible to look better on the screen through small touches. Many young men and women with a high energy and unique style to climb the stairs to the top come to my office in order to reveal their full potential for looking good. We have long conversations and analyze what they need to look much better on the screen.

Most of the young actors and actresses complain that their faces look too fleshy or too round on the screen, there are small, downward curves around their eyes and mouths/lips during facial expressions and these curves bring a look with a low energy on their faces.   

In such cases, I recommend a tailor-made operation called “Endoscopic Facial Contouring”, which is designed in consideration of the faces and needs of each patient and has a recently growing popularity among young people. Giving the face an oval shape and significantly highlighting cheekbones, endoscopic facial contouring method is preferred for a younger look, mainly by young people who want to have more attractive, positive and dynamic facial features.

These operations enable such young people to get quite good results satisfying not only themselves but also the producers.

Why does endoscopic facial contouring provide good results?

To put it shortly, this method allows for pulling the eyebrows and cheeks slightly upwards, just like when we pull our hair backwards, shaping the area around eyes upwards, and giving a younger and stunning facial form. A 1.5-cm incision is made among the hair, and cameras thinner than pens are placed into the incision, followed by a strong pull upwards and slightly to the sides and the fixation of tissues with absorbable sutures. Facial expressions are not lost, the face loses nothing from its natural look and, most importantly, there are no scars left since the intervention targets not only the skin but also all anatomic formations on the face. In other words, the face is shaped three-dimensionally. People with aged, unhappy, negative or tired expressions on their faces due to congenital droopy eyes and eyebrows despite being young prefer to undergo endoscopic facial contouring procedure in order to have happy and dynamic facial features and enjoy the positive effects of such features in business life and private life.