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No matter how old you are, you may want to look different or recover your beauty, become someone else or not change your appearance at all but let your inner light shine on your face. Then, this is the right address for you. Prof. Erdem Tezel will be offering you a very wide selection of best methods ranging from the simplest intervention to the most complex surgical operations, possibly sparing you from an unnecessary intervention. If you had the misfortune of undergoing an unsuccessful operation before meeting Prof. Tezel, this is still the right address for you. Prof. Tezel has an impressive record of unburdening the bodies and souls of many patients from the negative results of previous operations.  


Enjoying a reputation as the surgeon who introduced endoscopic facial surgery into Turkey, Prof. Erdem Tezel, Faculty Member at Marmara University Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, brought in a myriad of techniques and methods to the world literature. Specialized in blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty) and breast lift (mastopexy), gynecomastia, abdomen lifting (abdominoplasty) and liposuction, genitoplasty and thigh lift as well as facial contouring, Tezel shares his experience and inventions with not only the surgeons he trains but also all fellow surgeons on the national and international scientific arena.


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Tezel’s Methods

Following an already established path but also emerging as a trailblazer,
Applying the rules but also setting new rules,
Leading others to the already established paths and being followed...

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Ankara University School of Medicine | Marmara University School of Medicine | Detroit - William Beaumont Hospital Oculoplastic and Orbital Clinic | Toronto - University of Toronto Division of Plastic Surgery | Baltimore - International Center for Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Surgery

<b>Press Coverage - Erdem Tezel</b>

Press Coverage - Erdem Tezel

View press coverage about Prof. Erdem Tezel in print and on the TV screen.


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